Nostalgia Latin Market is now open for the public
(2 persons at the time/Facemask/Debit Credit only.)

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Welcome to Nostalgia!

Your everyday Latin Market.

Nostalgia Latin Market has been providing the communities in Peel & Halton Region with the experience of authentic Mexican and Latin American foods and crafts since May 2014. Their inviting and comforting atmosphere allows each guest to feel as if they truly are in a little piece of Latin American heaven.

Nostalgia Latin Market makes it their ultimate goal to provide the best customer service experience while you browse among hundreds of Mexican and Latin American food products to cook your favorite meal or order take-out and enjoy it at home. We also offer fresh Mexican coffee from Oaxaca (Mexican brewed coffees/ Café de Olla) and Artisanal Mexican chocolate, as well as other desserts such as churros & arroz con leche.

Visit Nostalgia Latin Market today and transport yourself into a true inspired and comforting setting just like in those wonderful, warm and fascinating places in Mexico and Latin America.



Salsas la Costeña

BBQ Sauces & Concentrates

Corn Flour